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Why You Should Get Your Snowboard Tuned

Why You Should Get Your Snowboard Tuned

Even if you’re passionate about snowboarding, chances are you aren’t passionate about some of the more “mundane” tasks associated with board maintenance. The good news is you can visit a snowboard shop in Westport to have your board cleaned, serviced, repaired, and ready for the slopes. To get the best performance out of your snowboard this season, visit the shop and have your board tuned. How often your equipment needs tuning depends on your skill level and slope conditions. In general, have your board every 5-10 days you spend on the slopes.

Snowboard tuning will improve board control and ease of turning for a smoother and more confident ride. Regular tuning will also allow your ski pro to identify early signs of damage that would otherwise go unnoticed. While you’re board is being tuned, look around the shop for boots, bindings, goggles, and other equipment that can help you get the most out ski and snowboard season.

Why You Should Get Your Snowboard Tuned Westport

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