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We are closed due to the COVID-19 Mandatory closures for the state of Connecticut. If you have rentals please hang onto them and we will be in touch, or you can return when we reopen. Westport is closed until August 1st, 2020 (or Sooner) New Cannan is closed until October 1st, 2020.

Maintaining a Good Fit in Your Ski Boots

Maintaining a Good Fit in Your Ski Boots

Ski boots can be uncomfortable and downright painful if they aren’t used properly. They can also cause discomfort as they become loose throughout the day. To maintain a good fit in your ski boots after multiple runs, place the power strap beneath the top buckle to hold the tongue against your shin, prevent shin bang, and keep each boot tight. Watch this video to learn more about other micro-adjustments you can make to maintain a good fit in your ski boots.

If your ski boots aren’t fitting properly, stop by a pro shop in Westport and browse for new boots that will keep you comfortable all season long. While you’re buying new boots, look for other ski equipment and ski gear that can enhance your runs down the mountain.

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