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  • Getting Fit for Your Next Ski Trip

    Getting Fit for Your Next Ski Trip

    If you are planning a ski trip this season, it’s a good idea to visit a high-quality ski shop or snowboard shop in Westport for snowboarding gear, as well as prepare your body by getting it into shape. Skiing and snowboarding require strength from your thighs, hips, and core, and by getting fit before you hit the slopes, you can help prepare yourself for these physically demanding sports.

    Watch his video to learn how to perform exercises to get you ready for your trip. Begin with body-weight squats by placing your feet just outside shoulder-width apart with your chest up and core braced. Slowly lower your hips down to knee height while keeping your head up and your back straight.

  • Answers to Parents’ Questions About Kids and Skiing

    Answers to Parents’ Questions About Kids and Skiing

    Taking your kids skiing can be a fun and rewarding experience that encourages them to live a healthy, active lifestyle. About to stop by the ski shop for some kids-sized ski gear in Ridgefield ? Read this Q&A segment to make sure you’re fully prepared for your skiing trip and can relax and enjoy watching your little ones out on the bunny slopes.

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    Q: Are there any child-specific tips for ski clothes that I should know?

    A: When purchasing kids’ ski gear, the main thing is to keep your child warm and dry. Your local ski shop will likely have many child-specific options available. Keep an eye out for breathable moisture-wicking materials, such as merino wool, for base layers, and avoid dressing your kids in cotton. Remember that the little things can go a long way when you’re up on the mountain—consider buying your child a neck gaiter to protect and warm the face, and carry an extra pair of mittens with you, as his or her first pair will likely get wet quickly.

    Q: I don’t wear a helmet when I ski. Does my child need one?

    A: While many adults choose to go without helmets, children should always wear them. Not only will a helmet protect your child from injury, it will also provide more warmth than a hat. Think your child will throw a fit about having to wearing a helmet? Try to give him or her some incentive to wear it. For example, you can allow the child to decorate the helmet with stickers so that he or she is proud to wear it (only if you own the helmet, of course!).

    Q: I’d love to take my kids skiing, but isn’t skiing with children expensive?

    A: Fortunately, many ski lodges and resorts make skiing with children an affordable experience. Lots of resorts allow children under the age of 6 to ski for free. Adult lift tickets often include free kids’ passes, as well. Finally, junior skiers can often get season passes at discounted rates, meaning your child can keep practicing all season long.

  • Dealing with a Dry Ski Base

    Dealing with a Dry Ski Base

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    Whether you are the owner of your own pair of skis or are planning on a ski rental for your upcoming excursion, it is very important to make sure that your skis do not suffer from a dry base. The bottom sides of your skis require routine waxing in order to remain properly protected from the damaging effects of snow. In addition, ski wax will help your skis glide effortlessly over the surface of the slopes. There are several signs that your ski base may be dry. For example, you may notice that the bottoms of your skis are lighter in color than usual. In addition, your skis may also feel strange or fuzzy to the touch. Fortunately, a ski shop serving Ridgefield will be able to help you care for your ski gear. With the help of a shop that specializes in ski repair , you will be able to get your skis in great condition for your upcoming slope session.

  • Getting to Know the Types of Snow You Find on the Slopes

    Getting to Know the Types of Snow You Find on the Slopes

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    The winter ski season is in full swing, and now is a great time to head to the slopes for some fun outside. In order to get the most out of your ski or snowboard session, you should make sure to visit a ski shop to obtain all of the necessary gear. By fitting yourself with the proper ski equipment, including ski pants and goggles, you are sure to have a blast when you are at the ski resort. A ski shop near Westport can provide you with gear that will prepare you for any type of outdoor conditions. To help you master the slope, here is a quick overview of some of the most common types of snow.


    Powder is highly sought-after snow by skiers and snowboarders, alike. In order to be considered powder, snow must be freshly fallen and untouched by footprints or ski tracks. Powder is desirable because it provides a very soft surface for landing in the event of a fall. Additionally, powder can help aid in turning, stopping, and other maneuvers. A fresh powder day is sure to create lasting memories.


    When powdery slopes are not available, the next best alternative is crud. Crud snow occurs after powder has been ridden by skiers and snowboarders for a few hours or more. As more and more skiers travel on the snow, they will pack down the flakes and create crud. In order to get the most out of a crud-covered slope, it is important to bend the knees and maintain momentum.


    A slushy slope is not as desirable as a beautiful, fresh powdery surface. The term slush is used to describe snow that has been exposed to warmer temperatures. When the snow melts, it will transform into water and ice. These ice molecules are much heavier than freshly fallen snow, and can pose a challenge to even the most advanced skiers.

  • Stand Out on the Slope With These Ski Apparel Tips

    Stand Out on the Slope with these Kitten faces.

    You will be faced with endless choices when it comes to finding ski gear in Ridgefield, but there are a few important points to keep in mind when choosing the perfect additions to your getup. There will be several different layers to your ski clothing, from extra pants and jackets to helmets and ski hats. You will also want to ensure that your ski apparel keeps you safe and stylish rather than one or the other. Keep reading and stand out on the slope with these ski apparel tips.

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    Dress In Layers

    When dressing for your next ski trip, consider where your adventure will take you. Some skiing and snowboarding locations offer mild temperatures while others are harshly frigid. Versatile ski equipment that features removable pieces can be particularly helpful, but it can also get pricey. No matter what kind of gear you are working with, it is always wise to dress in layers . Make sure the layer closest to your skin does an adequate job of absorbing moisture; by keeping you dry, your inner layer will help you stay warm. When it comes to outer layers, choose a water-resistant jacket with proper ventilation to keep you cozy.

    Protect Your Head

    Getting a running start and diving into a snow bank might be your idea of fun, but it is much more dangerous when you are traveling at rapid speeds down a mountain trail. This is why it is important to wear appropriate head protection when skiing, no matter how advanced you might be. In addition to the helmet you may use to encase your head, you might also consider looking into ski goggles to cut down the glare of the snow and a thin hat to cover your ears.

    Try Before You Ride

    You probably wouldn’t wear clothes that don’t fit you, so don’t make any exceptions when it comes to ski apparel. Ill-fitting boots can cause you to lose control of your skis, while a too-big helmet could pop right off. Try out your ski apparel before you hit the slopes to make sure everything feels right.

  • Ski and Snowboard Service 101

    Your skiing and snowboarding gear near Westport will play significant roles when it comes to keeping you warm, safe, and comfortable while out on the slopes. From your snowboard and helmet to your skis and jackets, each piece of equipment will impact your experience; this is why it is essential that you keep your entire ensemble properly maintained. Fortunately, ski and snowboard shops can help you keep you gear in top condition so you can continue to ride the mountain in comfort. Continue on for a quick lesson in ski and snowboard service.

    Quality gear that is kept in top shape can allow you to make the most of your skiing or snowboarding trip; it can even help you save money because you won’t have to replace your equipment. A few of the most common ski and snowboard repairs deal with the skis and snowboards themselves, and they include binding repair, snowboard waxing, and base repair. In addition to your skis and snowboards, you must also take care of your footwear. Make sure you are wearing comfortable boots that fit you properly; boots that fit well can improve your skill as well as your physical comfort on the slopes.

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  • Slope Safety 101 [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Slope Safety 101 [INFOGRAPHIC]

    If you love winter sports, the last thing you want is to get left out in the cold by a slope injury. Make sure your skiing and snowboarding season lasts all winter long by remembering to observe slope safety. Staying safe on the slopes starts in the ski shop. Stock up on the snowboarding gear and ski equipment you need, from ski helmets to snow pants. Next, make sure you know what to eat before, during, and after your day on the slopes to give your body the fuel it needs. Learn more about slope safety in this infographic from Ski and Sport of Westport and Ridgefield. Our snowboard and ski shops near Westport, CT have everything you need for enjoying the outdoors this winter, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro. Get ready for your next outdoor adventure with our help, and rally your friends and family for a trip to the slopes by sharing this information.