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  • Getting Fit for Your Next Ski Trip

    Getting Fit for Your Next Ski Trip

    If you are planning a ski trip this season, it’s a good idea to visit a high-quality ski shop or snowboard shop in Westport for snowboarding gear, as well as prepare your body by getting it into shape. Skiing and snowboarding require strength from your thighs, hips, and core, and by getting fit before you hit the slopes, you can help prepare yourself for these physically demanding sports.

    Watch his video to learn how to perform exercises to get you ready for your trip. Begin with body-weight squats by placing your feet just outside shoulder-width apart with your chest up and core braced. Slowly lower your hips down to knee height while keeping your head up and your back straight.

  • Why You Need Ski Goggles on the Slope

    Why You Need Ski Goggles on the Slope

    Ski shops near Westport carry a wide variety of goggles designed for skiing and snowboarding. People experienced in these sports understand how necessary a good pair of goggles can be, but if you are new to these activities, you may be wondering why you need goggles before hitting the powder.

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    Reduce Glare

    When skiing and snowboarding, having good visibility is essential for your safety. Ski goggles are available with a wide a variety of specialized lenses that can help reduce the glare coming off of the snow. This makes it easier for you to see and adds comfort by preventing the need for you to squint against the harsh light, particularly on sunny days.

    Increase Contrast

    Another factor that contributes to visibility when you’re skiing or snowboarding is contrast. When you’re on the slopes, the terrain can blend together into a field of white. Wearing colored lenses, however, can add contrast to your view and make bumps and dips stand out more. Amber and rose-colored lenses are ideal for hazy or cloudy days, while brown lenses add more contrast in dimly-lit weather conditions and reduce light in sunny weather.

    Protect Your Eyes

    Goggles are an essential part of skiing or snowboarding gear to protect your eyes from the elements and injury. These sports expose your eyes to prolonged periods of harsh wind and bright sunlight. Unlike sunglasses, goggles seal your eyes from the cold air, and many goggles come with lenses that block UV light. Goggles protect your eyes from airborne snow and debris and shield them from hazards such as tree limbs and fallen branches. Ski goggles also stay securely on your head at times when sunglasses would fly off. Skiing and snowboarding are sports that require precaution to help keep you safe, and when you can’t see well, you are more likely to injure yourself. Snowboard shops carry ski goggles for different conditions to help you stay safe on the slopes.

  • The Elements of the Perfect Ski Outfit

    The Elements of the Perfect Ski Outfit

    If you are looking for snowboarding gear or ski wear in Ridgefield to prepare for a trip to the slopes, learning the essential elements of a perfect ski outfit will help you stay warm, confident, and comfortable.

    Be sure to consider function when building you ski outfit. Your bottom layer should include warm socks, long underwear or tights, and a thermal top to conserve your body heat. Add a second long-sleeved top to stay warmer, preferably one with a turtleneck collar. A ski jacket, ski pants, and waterproof gloves are necessary for keeping wind and moisture from penetrating your clothing. Complete your outfit with a pair of ski goggles to protect your eyes from wind, sun, and debris.

    The founders of Ski & Sport of Westport have been providing people with skiing and snowboarding gear for over 38 years. We have locations in Ridgefield and Westport, and supply high-quality equipment and accessories for skiing, snowboarding, and BMX riding. We carry top of the line products from designer brands to meet your outdoor sporting needs.

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  • Taking Care of Your Snowboard Between Sessions

    Taking Care of Your Snowboard Between Sessions

    If you are wondering how to care for your snowboard, there are a few basic steps to follow that will help keep your board in excellent shape between sessions. Your local snowboard shop in Ridgefield will carry the supplies you need to care for your board, and will often provide snowboard maintenance and repair services as well.

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    Wax Your Snowboard Regularly

    A good rule of thumb for keeping your board in good condition and protected from the snow’s moisture is to wax it after every three trips. Using a scraper intended for snowboards, carefully remove the previous coat of wax. Next, take your snowboard wax and use an iron to warm it just enough for it to melt – if it’s smoking, the wax is too hot. Allow the wax to pool on your board and then use the iron to spread it evenly over the base. Finally, use your scraper to gently remove any bumps, and an abrasive pad made for snowboards to smooth the surface.

    Store Your Snowboard Properly

    After snowboarding, wipe down your board with a cloth to remove any dirt or debris that might be lingering on the surface to prevent it from getting scratched between uses. If you find that your board has been gouged, scrape off the wax and clean the area before melting repair wax into the hold to fill it. Never store your snowboard on cement and instead, hang it on a wall using strong supports.

    Sharpen Your Board as Needed

    Snowboards can be sharpened at a snowboard shop with a sharpening machine, or with a whetstone and file. First, use your whetstone to smooth out any scratches, snags, or patches of rust, keeping the stone flat against the surface. Next, run your file along the length of the board, keeping it at a 30º angle. The side and base edges require regular sharpening, but how often depends on the softness of the snow it was used on, so check your board for dullness between trips.

  • Fun Facts About Snow for Skiers

    Fun Facts About Snow for Skiers

    Skiing and snowboarding are exhilarating sports that give you a major adrenaline rush. Stop by any ski shop selling ski gear in Ridgefield, and you’ll see plenty of skiers eagerly preparing for their next trip. But something avid skiers don’t often stop to think about is the one thing that makes this thrilling sport possible—snow.

  • Answers to Parents’ Questions About Kids and Skiing

    Answers to Parents’ Questions About Kids and Skiing

    Taking your kids skiing can be a fun and rewarding experience that encourages them to live a healthy, active lifestyle. About to stop by the ski shop for some kids-sized ski gear in Ridgefield ? Read this Q&A segment to make sure you’re fully prepared for your skiing trip and can relax and enjoy watching your little ones out on the bunny slopes.

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    Q: Are there any child-specific tips for ski clothes that I should know?

    A: When purchasing kids’ ski gear, the main thing is to keep your child warm and dry. Your local ski shop will likely have many child-specific options available. Keep an eye out for breathable moisture-wicking materials, such as merino wool, for base layers, and avoid dressing your kids in cotton. Remember that the little things can go a long way when you’re up on the mountain—consider buying your child a neck gaiter to protect and warm the face, and carry an extra pair of mittens with you, as his or her first pair will likely get wet quickly.

    Q: I don’t wear a helmet when I ski. Does my child need one?

    A: While many adults choose to go without helmets, children should always wear them. Not only will a helmet protect your child from injury, it will also provide more warmth than a hat. Think your child will throw a fit about having to wearing a helmet? Try to give him or her some incentive to wear it. For example, you can allow the child to decorate the helmet with stickers so that he or she is proud to wear it (only if you own the helmet, of course!).

    Q: I’d love to take my kids skiing, but isn’t skiing with children expensive?

    A: Fortunately, many ski lodges and resorts make skiing with children an affordable experience. Lots of resorts allow children under the age of 6 to ski for free. Adult lift tickets often include free kids’ passes, as well. Finally, junior skiers can often get season passes at discounted rates, meaning your child can keep practicing all season long.

  • Why Fit Is Essential When Choosing Ski Boots

    Why Fit Is Essential When Choosing Ski Boots

    You may be a killer skier, but if your ski boots don’t fit properly, chances are you won’t be at your peak performance. Looking for ski boots near Westport with a proper fit? Your local ski shop can help you choose the best boot for your needs.

    When it comes to safety and comfort, good ski boots are one of the most important pieces of ski gear that you can wear. If your ski boots are poorly fitted, they’ll be uncomfortable and may even ruin your day at the slopes. But that’s not the worst of it. Ill-fitting ski boots won’t properly stabilize your feet, putting you at risk for a fall and possibly causing a fracture or sprain.

    With properly fitted boots, you’ll have full control over your skis so that you can make progress in practice and show off when it feels good. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of ski boot fitting and customization services at your local ski shop to ensure that you have the best possible ski season.

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  • Getting the Right Gear for Your Snowboarding Trip

    Getting the Right Gear for Your Snowboarding Trip

    Snowboarding, like many other winter sports, requires a specific set of gear to be practiced properly. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the appropriate snowboarding gear will protect you and keep you warm. Keep reading for tips on choosing snowboarding gear near Westport.

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    Base Layers

    Layering is important when dressing for a snowboarding trip as it ensures that you will be warm enough on the mountain but can peel some clothing off once your blood starts flowing. It’s critical to wear the right base layers because these stay in contact with your skin throughout the whole snowboarding experience. That’s why it’s best to choose moisture-wicking materials to keep your skin dry and comfortable. Start with thin moisture-wicking socks, tight-fitting long-underwear bottoms, and a snug long-sleeved long-underwear top.

    Layers for Extra Warmth

    Top your base layers off with additional clothing for extra warmth and comfort. Wear thick wool or synthetic socks over the thin ones, a thick fleece or warm sweater over your top, and, if it’s extremely cold, sweatpants over the long-underwear bottoms. Don’t forget to protect your ears and head with a beanie or torque made from a warm material such as polyester or fleece.


    Your outerwear should be water resistant to prevent you from getting soggy in the snow. A water-resistant ski or snowboarding jacket and ski or snowboarding pants are recommended for the best experience. However, you can also try wearing a good winter jacket and normal snow pants, if necessary. Protect your hands from low temperatures and moisture with ski or snowboarding gloves, and keep your feet dry and warm with snowboard boots. You’ll need to protect your eyes, too—goggles are your best bet, but sunglasses can work in a pinch.

    The Snowboard

    Ready to get going? The last piece of snowboarding gear you’ll need is a snowboard with bindings. You can almost always rent a board if you’re at a popular destination. However, if you’re planning on making snowboarding your primary hobby, it’s not a bad idea to look at snowboards for sale and purchase one that’s a good fit for you.

  • Dealing with a Dry Ski Base

    Dealing with a Dry Ski Base

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    Whether you are the owner of your own pair of skis or are planning on a ski rental for your upcoming excursion, it is very important to make sure that your skis do not suffer from a dry base. The bottom sides of your skis require routine waxing in order to remain properly protected from the damaging effects of snow. In addition, ski wax will help your skis glide effortlessly over the surface of the slopes. There are several signs that your ski base may be dry. For example, you may notice that the bottoms of your skis are lighter in color than usual. In addition, your skis may also feel strange or fuzzy to the touch. Fortunately, a ski shop serving Ridgefield will be able to help you care for your ski gear. With the help of a shop that specializes in ski repair , you will be able to get your skis in great condition for your upcoming slope session.

  • Ski Jackets 101

    Ski Jackets 101

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    Your ski jacket is among the most important pieces of equipment that you will bring with you to a day at the slopes. Ski jackets are designed to provide skiers and snowboarders with protection from the elements, while also allowing breathability and comfort during high levels of exercise. When you are shopping for a new ski jacket, a ski shop near Ridgefield is sure to have a brand that is perfect for you. Your ski shop will have a variety of different types of jackets and skis for sale, so you will be able to select your idea equipment. To help you get started on shopping for a new ski jacket, here is a look at the different types of jackets.


    Shells are among the most popular types of ski jackets that are seen on the slopes day. With a shell, you will be wearing a lightweight and breathable garment that will provide you with total comfort under most riding conditions. When outdoor temperatures drop, a shell will allow you to layer up, without having to put on a heavy jacket.

    Insulated Jacket

    For those riders who often face extreme weather conditions and very cold temperatures, insulated jackets are essential pieces of equipment. Unlike shells, which are lightweight and unlined, insulated jackets contain a layer of synthetic insulation that provides additional warmth. When you are choosing an insulated jacket, you will need to determine how much insulation you will need for your typical riding conditions. Your sales team can provide you with more information about the different insulated jackets that are available.

    Technical Shells

    Advanced skiers and snowboarders often choose technical shells for their backcountry adventures. Technical shells are differentiated from lightweight shells due to their advanced fabrics and extreme waterproofing. When you purchase a technical shell, you should look for features such as taped seams and Gore-Tex waterproofing. If you are planning on taking your skiing to the next level of intensity and adventure, a technical shell is an essential piece of equipment.