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  • How Should Your Ski Boots Fit?

    How Should Your Ski Boots Fit

    If you’re a newcomer to skiing, finding the right ski boot is often the most frustrating part of getting started with the sport. Part of the reason why is because ski boots don’t fit like any other footwear you’ve ever worn. Watch this video to learn more about the design and construction of ski boots and how to tell whether a pair of ski boots fits you properly.

    How well your ski boots fit is an important part of your overall ski experience. Considering the effect that ski boots have on your comfort, safety, and performance on the slopes, be sure to visit a ski shop in Westport and let an expert show you how to adjust your boots for a better fit or recommend new boots that fit your feet perfectly. If you’re shopping for your first pair of ski boots, it’s best to work with a ski equipment expert to determine which boots are right based on the size and shape of your feet as well as your skill level and preferred terrain.