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  • Solving Your Problems with Ski Boot Fit

    Solving Your Problems with Ski Boot Fit

    The first step to finding the right ski boots is to try on lots of pairs at a store that sells ski equipment near Westport . Ski boots should fit as snugly as possible without being uncomfortable. Your toes should touch the front while you are sitting, but then pull back when you stand up. If you are in a ski boot that is too big, your foot will shift, which puts painful pressure on your toes and shins. In this article, we will give you solutions to some of the common problems with ski boot fit. Solving Your Problems with Ski Boot Fit Westport

    Shin Pressure
    Shin pressure, also known as shin bang, leaves painful bruises that can make it hard to enjoy your ski trip. Shin bang is the result of ski boots that apply uneven pressure, but it can usually be fixed with a simple boot buckle adjustment or a heel lift. Visit a ski equipment store to have your ski boot buckle and heel lift adjusted properly.

    Heel Pressure
    Heel spur, or pump bump, is a painful spot that forms on the heel because of uneven pressure within the heel pocket. A ski equipment store can grind a pocket in the shell and add padding to better hold the heel in.

    Foot Pressure
    If your feet ache after a day of skiing, it could be because you have stock footbeds. To fix this problem, visit a ski equipment store to get fitted for custom-built footbeds. Custom footbeds align with your feet so that your feet are supported in an optimal position within the boots. If you feel pain on the outside of the middle part of your foot, you may have ski boots that are too narrow. Buy new ski boots or stretch the shell of your current boots to make more room.

    Toe Pressure
    Do you feel a bump behind and on the outside of your little toe after a day of skiing? This is known as Tailor’s bunion, or sixth toe. A custom footbed, as well as a shell adjustment, will improve the way your boots fit.

  • All About Ski & Sport of Westport

    All About Ski & Sport of Westport Ski & Sport is a family owned ski equipment store located in Westport. With over 30 years of experience to offer you, Ski & Sport is the best place to get your outdoor equipment or ski gear near Wesport . Continue reading to learn more about Ski & Sport of Westport.

    John Alberino opened Ski & Sport of Westport in 1976. John and Susan Alberino aimed to provide the highest quality customer service and the finest outdoor products. After 36 years of service, Susan passed the family business along to Pam and Gio in October 2012, who decided to move the ski store from New Canaan to Westport. At our new location in Westport you will enjoy the same level of quality, service, and tradition that this business was founded on. Pam and Gio have been on the slopes since they were little, and have a passion for ski apparel, equipment, and technical gear. Our knowledgeable and professional staff is waiting to assist you—visit our Westport store or call us for more information.

  • What to Wear When You Go Skiing

    What to Wear When You Go Skiing

    It’s not always easy choosing the right ski gear to bring to the slopes this season. The ideal ski gear will be lightweight, comfortable, suited to the climate, and easily adjustable. To shop from a great selection of high quality ski equipment in Westport , read this article. What to Wear When You Go Skiing Westport

    Thin, warm socks are ideal for skiing. Look for skiing socks, which are made from a wool and silk mixture, from a reputable ski equipment store. Thin shocks allow you to feel the sole of your ski boot better than thick socks, resulting in superior control. Be sure that only socks go inside your ski boots, as extra layers can cut off circulation and desensitize nerves.

    Ski boots are the most important item of ski gear to invest in. A good pair of ski boots will give you better control over your skis and enhance your comfort. Your ski boots should fit firmly, but not so tight that they cut off circulation or press against your nerves. Get your ski boots professionally fitted at a ski equipment shop.

    Wear waterproof pants to avoid being wet, cold, and miserable on your next ski trip. Your jacket doesn’t need to be waterproof if you ski in a drier climate in Utah or Colorado, but should be waterproof if the climate is wetter. In any case, your ski jacket must be windproof—otherwise you could be cold on the ski lift and when you pick up speed on the slopes.

    Thermal underwear is ideal for skiing. You should wear it on the slopes even when it’s warm, as it is very effective at removing moisture from your skin. Avoid wearing thermal underwear made from cotton, as this holds moisture and can make you cold. Look for thin thermal underwear at your local ski equipment store.