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  • Why You Should Get Your Snowboard Tuned

    Why You Should Get Your Snowboard Tuned

    Even if you’re passionate about snowboarding, chances are you aren’t passionate about some of the more “mundane” tasks associated with board maintenance. The good news is you can visit a snowboard shop in Westport to have your board cleaned, serviced, repaired, and ready for the slopes. To get the best performance out of your snowboard this season, visit the shop and have your board tuned. How often your equipment needs tuning depends on your skill level and slope conditions. In general, have your board every 5-10 days you spend on the slopes.

    Snowboard tuning will improve board control and ease of turning for a smoother and more confident ride. Regular tuning will also allow your ski pro to identify early signs of damage that would otherwise go unnoticed. While you’re board is being tuned, look around the shop for boots, bindings, goggles, and other equipment that can help you get the most out ski and snowboard season.

    Why You Should Get Your Snowboard Tuned Westport

  • Factors to Consider When Buying a New Snowboard

    Factors to Consider When Buying a New Snowboard

    There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a new snowboard, especially if you are new to the sport. No matter what your skill level is, a ski and snowboard shop in Westport can help you pick out the best new board to get the most out of the season. Some of the most important factors to consider when buying a new snowboard include: Factors to Consider When Buying a New Snowboard  Westport

    Ability Level
    For starters, consider your riding ability. Even if you’re a beginner, consider a higher spec board since you’ll be improving on a daily basis. Snowboards aimed at intermediate riders tend to be a little stiffer to cope with more aggressive riding, while advanced snowboards are constructed to give ultimate response, pop, and performance.

    Riding Style
    After you determine your riding ability, identify the kind of riding you’ll be doing most. Freeride boards are directional in shape and flex, more often with an oversized nose and shorter, stiffer tail to enhance float. If you are an advanced rider and enjoy jumping, spinning, and sliding, look for a freestyle board with true twin shape and flex to ensure the same ride regular or switch.

    Length and Width
    Snowboard manufacturers provide suggested weight ranges for their lengths; ideally, you should be somewhere around the middle to get the best out of your new board. Experts recommend your toes and heels overhand the edge by approximately 1.5 centimeters—more than this and you’ll get toe and/or heel drag, and much less and you won’t get the edge control you need.

    Board Shape
    The ideal board shape is largely determined by your riding style. Twin boards have a symmetrical shape and core, making them ideal for trick riding and freestyle artists. Directional boards have a longer nose and a shorter tail for great performance in a variety of different terrains and riding styles. A tapered shape means the board’s nose is wider than its tail. Tapered boards are great for speedy downhill snowboarding.

  • Reasons to Choose Ski & Sport of Westport

    Reason to Chooose Ski & Sport of Westport

    Reasons to Choose Ski & Sport of Westport Ski & Sport of Westport is here to help you find all of the equipment and the apparel you need for your winter sporting excursions. We have some of the best snowboard and ski equipment in the area to help you prepare for your time in the mountains.

    Not only do we sell and rent equipment for skiing and snowboarding, but we also service your equipment to ensure that it is always ready for use. Our entire staff is experienced and knowledgeable to give you the help you need to find the perfect products and services.

    Whether you are an avid skier or you are new to the world of winter sports, we are here to help you find the right equipment and apparel for your needs. We are always here to help you find skis, snowboards, boots, and clothing that can make you more comfortable while you participate in your favorite winter activities.

  • Your Guide to Choosing Ski Boots

    Why Guide to Choosing Ski Boots

    If you are excited about hitting the slopes this winter, it is important to stock up on the right equipment for all of your needs. Keep reading for some tips on choosing ski boots that are comfortable and supportive enough to enhance your time on the slopes: Your Guide to Choosing Ski Boots Westport

    Choose the Right Store
    Whenever you buy ski equipment, it is important to shop at a store that has a knowledgeable staff that can help you find what you need. Whether you are new to the sport or you have been skiing your whole life, a helpful staff is there to guide you toward the clothing and equipment that you need to be prepared for your time on the slops. Choose the right store that has the selection and the customer service that you need to find exactly what you want.

    Try a Few Different Styles and Sizes
    The only way to decide what is truly comfortable for you is to try out a few different kinds of ski boots. Work with the staff at the store to narrow down your selection and start compiling some boots for you to try. As you try on different styles, you can determine which ones feel the most comfortable and which ones do not work for you.

    Close them Completely
    You cannot accurately gauge how ski boots near Westport will work unless you close them all the way. Ask the store staff for help with the cuff clips and the toe clips so you can get the best idea about whether or not the boots will meet your needs.

    Shop to Your Ability
    There are different ski boots available for people of different ski abilities. It is important to choose boots that meet your ability so they give you the support you need to help you do your best on your slopes. Be honest about how well you ski so you can choose the perfect boots.