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  • A Look at the Unique Ski Wear Offered by Our New Shop in Westport

    A Loot at the Unique Ski Wear Offered by Our New Shop in Westport

    In order to make the most of your next ski or snowboard experience, you should visit a ski and snowboard shop to pick up the proper ski wear. Ski & Sport of Westport offers a wide range of unique ski and snowboard gear in Ridgefield, CT , and can outfit you for your trip.

    When you ski or snowboard, you will need to wear ski jackets, ski pants, ski helmets, and ski goggles. We carry all of these items, and outside of providing our customers with functional ski wear, we also make sure they look good by providing them with fashionable clothing. We work with high-end apparel lines like Bogner, Kjus, Descente, and more to make sure you have access to stylish designs before you hit the slopes. When you come to Ski & Sport of Westport, we will show you the large selection of ski wear available at our ski and snowboard shop and help you pick out the perfect ski wear for you and your loved ones.

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  • Spotlight on Fashionable Ski Apparel From Bogner

    Spotlight on Fashionable Ski Apparel From Bogner

    When you hit the slopes this winter, you need to bring more than just your skis or your snowboard. You also need to come equipped with the latest ski and snowboarding gear from Bogner. The right ski gear found near Ridgefield, will keep you warm when you’re skiing or snowboarding and help you look fashionable while you’re doing it. Check out some of the ski wear Bogner offers.

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    Ski Jackets

    While all of the ski gear that you wear will ultimately be important, your ski jacket is going to be one of the first things that people notice. So why not invest in a high quality Bogner jacket that will wow other skiers and snowboarders? From the Bogner Fire + Ice collection to the Bogner Sport Ski jackets, there is no shortage of options from Bogner. You will love the look of their jackets.

    Ski Pants

    Traditionally, many skiers and snowboarders have turned to boring black ski pants when they step outside in the winter. Those days are over thanks to the colorful designs available from Bogner. Whether you want bright red ski pants, ski pants designed to look like denim jeans, or some other style, you will get the chance to make a statement with Bogner ski pants.


    Anyone who skis or snowboards regularly will tell you that layers are essential when it comes to ski and snowboarding gear. For that reason, Bogner has created a full line of tops to serve as first and second layers. When you put them on, you will feel warm and stylish as you make your way out to the slopes.


    Once you have a complete ski wear outfit picked out, it’s time to accessorize . From ski gloves and mittens to knit hats and furry hoods, Bogner has the ski accessories you need to finish off your look. Bogner is all about making you feel your best when you ski or snowboard, and you will love the way their ski and snowboarding gear looks on you.