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  • Getting the Right Gear for Your Snowboarding Trip

    Getting the Right Gear for Your Snowboarding Trip

    Snowboarding, like many other winter sports, requires a specific set of gear to be practiced properly. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the appropriate snowboarding gear will protect you and keep you warm. Keep reading for tips on choosing snowboarding gear near Westport.

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    Base Layers

    Layering is important when dressing for a snowboarding trip as it ensures that you will be warm enough on the mountain but can peel some clothing off once your blood starts flowing. It’s critical to wear the right base layers because these stay in contact with your skin throughout the whole snowboarding experience. That’s why it’s best to choose moisture-wicking materials to keep your skin dry and comfortable. Start with thin moisture-wicking socks, tight-fitting long-underwear bottoms, and a snug long-sleeved long-underwear top.

    Layers for Extra Warmth

    Top your base layers off with additional clothing for extra warmth and comfort. Wear thick wool or synthetic socks over the thin ones, a thick fleece or warm sweater over your top, and, if it’s extremely cold, sweatpants over the long-underwear bottoms. Don’t forget to protect your ears and head with a beanie or torque made from a warm material such as polyester or fleece.


    Your outerwear should be water resistant to prevent you from getting soggy in the snow. A water-resistant ski or snowboarding jacket and ski or snowboarding pants are recommended for the best experience. However, you can also try wearing a good winter jacket and normal snow pants, if necessary. Protect your hands from low temperatures and moisture with ski or snowboarding gloves, and keep your feet dry and warm with snowboard boots. You’ll need to protect your eyes, too—goggles are your best bet, but sunglasses can work in a pinch.

    The Snowboard

    Ready to get going? The last piece of snowboarding gear you’ll need is a snowboard with bindings. You can almost always rent a board if you’re at a popular destination. However, if you’re planning on making snowboarding your primary hobby, it’s not a bad idea to look at snowboards for sale and purchase one that’s a good fit for you.

  • Ski Jackets 101

    Ski Jackets 101

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    Your ski jacket is among the most important pieces of equipment that you will bring with you to a day at the slopes. Ski jackets are designed to provide skiers and snowboarders with protection from the elements, while also allowing breathability and comfort during high levels of exercise. When you are shopping for a new ski jacket, a ski shop near Ridgefield is sure to have a brand that is perfect for you. Your ski shop will have a variety of different types of jackets and skis for sale, so you will be able to select your idea equipment. To help you get started on shopping for a new ski jacket, here is a look at the different types of jackets.


    Shells are among the most popular types of ski jackets that are seen on the slopes day. With a shell, you will be wearing a lightweight and breathable garment that will provide you with total comfort under most riding conditions. When outdoor temperatures drop, a shell will allow you to layer up, without having to put on a heavy jacket.

    Insulated Jacket

    For those riders who often face extreme weather conditions and very cold temperatures, insulated jackets are essential pieces of equipment. Unlike shells, which are lightweight and unlined, insulated jackets contain a layer of synthetic insulation that provides additional warmth. When you are choosing an insulated jacket, you will need to determine how much insulation you will need for your typical riding conditions. Your sales team can provide you with more information about the different insulated jackets that are available.

    Technical Shells

    Advanced skiers and snowboarders often choose technical shells for their backcountry adventures. Technical shells are differentiated from lightweight shells due to their advanced fabrics and extreme waterproofing. When you purchase a technical shell, you should look for features such as taped seams and Gore-Tex waterproofing. If you are planning on taking your skiing to the next level of intensity and adventure, a technical shell is an essential piece of equipment.

  • Ski and Snowboard Service 101

    Your skiing and snowboarding gear near Westport will play significant roles when it comes to keeping you warm, safe, and comfortable while out on the slopes. From your snowboard and helmet to your skis and jackets, each piece of equipment will impact your experience; this is why it is essential that you keep your entire ensemble properly maintained. Fortunately, ski and snowboard shops can help you keep you gear in top condition so you can continue to ride the mountain in comfort. Continue on for a quick lesson in ski and snowboard service.

    Quality gear that is kept in top shape can allow you to make the most of your skiing or snowboarding trip; it can even help you save money because you won’t have to replace your equipment. A few of the most common ski and snowboard repairs deal with the skis and snowboards themselves, and they include binding repair, snowboard waxing, and base repair. In addition to your skis and snowboards, you must also take care of your footwear. Make sure you are wearing comfortable boots that fit you properly; boots that fit well can improve your skill as well as your physical comfort on the slopes.

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  • Should You Rent or Purchase Your Ski Equipment?

    Should You Rent or Purchase Your Ski Equipment?

    Before you embark on your ski vacation, you need to determine whether you want to purchase your ski gear, or opt for ski rentals in Ridgefield. Each option has its pros and cons, and the choice often comes down to what you feel most comfortable with personally and financially. Here is a guide to figuring out whether buying or renting ski gear from a ski shop is the right choice for you.

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    Benefits of Ski Rentals

    If you’re a beginning or intermediate skier, a ski rental is the best choice for you. When you rent ski gear, you spend less money for newer and better equipment. You also can try out different brands and types of ski gear to figure out which one you like best. Because skis are available in different lengths, you’ll need to actually ski on different skis to determine which length works best for your skill level. You can also upgrade your ski rental every year as you become a more skillful skier.

    Benefits of Purchasing Ski Gear at a Ski Shop

    There are certain situations in which you should purchase ski gear at a ski shop. For instance, it is much better to purchase ski boots than rent them. If your boots are too small or uncomfortable, you risk injury, and won’t feel like skiing at all. Ski boots are durable and have a long lifespan, so purchasing a high quality pair is a worthwhile investment. You can also take your ski boots back to the ski shop for adjustments as needed. Many people find that they would also rather buy ski goggles and a ski helmet than purchase them.

    How to Choose the Best Option for You

    High quality ski gear lasts for about 10 weeks of use, so if you’re not going to go skiing often enough to justify the purchase, you’re better off saving your money and choosing ski rentals. If you ski often, or would feel safer using new equipment than renting ski gear, you should purchase gear from a ski shop.

  • Reasons to Plan Your Winter Getaway with Ski and Sport of Westport

    Reasons to Plan Your Winter Getaway with Ski and Sport of Westport

    At Ski and Sport of Westport, we offer a variety of ski services that will make your ski vacation more convenient and enjoyable. Our ski shop in Westport has been family owned and operated for over 30 years, and we’re proud to provide amazing customer service to each and every customer. Our commitment to quality and detail in everything we do makes us the best ski shop in the area.

    We offer high-quality ski gear and ski rentals, as well as affordable ski clothing and skis for sale. Our incredibly knowledgeable staff can assist you in picking out the best ski gear for your level, budget, and needs. We also offer personal shopping services for those who want to have their ski gear ready for them when they arrive.

    Our qualified ski shop technicians can perform ski gear repairs to ensure your safety and comfort on the slopes. We also provide ski boot and ski clothing customization. Our staff offers customized shell stretching for ski jackets and ski boot modifications that will make your boots the most comfortable ones that you’ve ever worn.

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  • Choosing Your Ski Goggles

    Choosing Your Ski Goggles

    Before you ski or snowboard, you should visit the ski shop to purchase a pair of ski goggles for yourself. Watch this video to learn more about how to choose which pair of ski or snowboard goggles near Westport would be best for you.

    While you will need to decide which type of lens you want with your ski goggles—reflective, amber, and clear are the three main types—the thing you should be most concerned with when picking out a pair of goggles is how they fit. You want your goggles to fit comfortably after you walk out of the ski shop and put them on. Find a pair that you can wear with your helmet, and you will be ready to hit the slopes.

  • A Look at Some Common Ski and Snowboard Repairs

    A Look at Some Common Ski and Snowboard Repairs>/h1>

    Regardless of whether you hit the slopes every single weekend during the wintertime or once or twice a year, you will need repairs from a ski and snowboard shop to keep your gear working the way it should. Prior to the start of the season, you should take a look at your ski and snowboard gear in Westport to see what kind of service it might need. Here are some of the most common repairs.

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    Dry Base

    Every year, you should have the base of your skis or snowboard waxed. This will eliminate the friction that exists between them and the snowy surfaces that you will encounter. If you do not wax your skis or snowboard, you could risk injury and do further damage to the base of your skis or snowboard. You will know your base is too dry if the color of it begins to fade and it feels fuzzy when you touch it.

    Base and Side Damage

    As you begin to use your skis or snowboard more, you will likely see chips, cracks, gouges, and other blemishes on the bottom of them. Cosmetically, it won’t look good, and it will also increase the chances of your skis or snowboard suffering damage that may require replacement. You should have a ski and snowboard shop take care of the base and edges of your skis or snowboard and return them to like-new condition.

    Bindings and Buckles Damage

    The last thing you want is for the bindings or buckles on your skis or snowboard to break while you’re in the middle of skiing or snowboarding. It could lead to serious injuries to yourself and others. If the bindings or buckles on your skis or snowboard appear to be damaged, you should have them fixed right away. This will prevent an accident from taking place later. You should also check to make sure your boots fit you at the beginning of every season, and purchase new ones if you find that you have outgrown your old ones.

  • Spotlight on Fashionable Ski Apparel From Bogner

    Spotlight on Fashionable Ski Apparel From Bogner

    When you hit the slopes this winter, you need to bring more than just your skis or your snowboard. You also need to come equipped with the latest ski and snowboarding gear from Bogner. The right ski gear found near Ridgefield, will keep you warm when you’re skiing or snowboarding and help you look fashionable while you’re doing it. Check out some of the ski wear Bogner offers.

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    Ski Jackets

    While all of the ski gear that you wear will ultimately be important, your ski jacket is going to be one of the first things that people notice. So why not invest in a high quality Bogner jacket that will wow other skiers and snowboarders? From the Bogner Fire + Ice collection to the Bogner Sport Ski jackets, there is no shortage of options from Bogner. You will love the look of their jackets.

    Ski Pants

    Traditionally, many skiers and snowboarders have turned to boring black ski pants when they step outside in the winter. Those days are over thanks to the colorful designs available from Bogner. Whether you want bright red ski pants, ski pants designed to look like denim jeans, or some other style, you will get the chance to make a statement with Bogner ski pants.


    Anyone who skis or snowboards regularly will tell you that layers are essential when it comes to ski and snowboarding gear. For that reason, Bogner has created a full line of tops to serve as first and second layers. When you put them on, you will feel warm and stylish as you make your way out to the slopes.


    Once you have a complete ski wear outfit picked out, it’s time to accessorize . From ski gloves and mittens to knit hats and furry hoods, Bogner has the ski accessories you need to finish off your look. Bogner is all about making you feel your best when you ski or snowboard, and you will love the way their ski and snowboarding gear looks on you.

  • How Should Your Ski Boots Fit?

    How Should Your Ski Boots Fit

    If you’re a newcomer to skiing, finding the right ski boot is often the most frustrating part of getting started with the sport. Part of the reason why is because ski boots don’t fit like any other footwear you’ve ever worn. Watch this video to learn more about the design and construction of ski boots and how to tell whether a pair of ski boots fits you properly.

    How well your ski boots fit is an important part of your overall ski experience. Considering the effect that ski boots have on your comfort, safety, and performance on the slopes, be sure to visit a ski shop in Westport and let an expert show you how to adjust your boots for a better fit or recommend new boots that fit your feet perfectly. If you’re shopping for your first pair of ski boots, it’s best to work with a ski equipment expert to determine which boots are right based on the size and shape of your feet as well as your skill level and preferred terrain.

  • Your Guide to Purchasing Ski Boots

    Your Guide to Purchasing Ski Boots

    Ski boots are what link your body and your skis, so it’s important that you wear the right boots when carving down the slopes. There are lots of different factors to consider when buying ski boots, so it’s best to visit a ski shop in Westport so you can discuss your needs with a ski equipment expert. In the meantime, here are some important factors to keep in mind when purchasing ski boots. ski boot retailer

    Buying ski boots isn’t like buying a pair of running shoes. For one thing, downhill ski boots are measured in mondo sizing, which refers to the boot’s inner sole length in centimeters. Another important consideration is the width of your foot. Ski boot manufacturers refer to foot width as “Last,” an old cobbler’s term that refers to the measurement across the forefoot in millimeters. For higher performance, make sure you select ski boots that fit tightly around your foot.

    Boot Flex Index
    Ski boots are best shopped by the amount of “flex” they offer, which is another way of saying how much pressure it takes to bend and move the foot. The higher the flex index, the stiffer the boot—and the more rigid your boot, the more power transfers to your ski’s inside edge. Your skill level is an important factor in choosing the right flex fit, as recreational and beginner skiers typically require a boot that is softer and more forgiving. Stiff flex ski boots are designed for those who ski with speed and confidence on the most challenging terrain.

    Although boot liners don’t affect a skier’s performance very much, they can have a big impact on how comfortable you are during a long day spent on the slopes. For added warmth and a more supportive custom fit, select a boot that comes with a thermal-formable foam liner. These liners use your foot’s heat to achieve a custom fit that help you feel confident and supported on your skis.