Selecting a Stylish and Comfortable Ski Outfit

Selecting a Stylish and Comfortable Ski Outfit

Once you have gathered your goggles, helmet, boots, and skis, it’s time to round out your ski gear with the perfect outfit. Fortunately when it comes to ski apparel , you do not have to sacrifice fashion for function.

Stop by a ski shop in Westport and take a look at their apparel options; you will need multiple layers of clothing in order to stay adequately warm, and you will need other components to keep you safe. Thermal shirts and underwear pants can retain your body heat, especially when tucked into thick, warm socks. You should then put another long sleeve shirt over that to focus on your chest area. Find a ski jacket that is not too large but not to small that it is restrictive. Next, look for a stylish pair of ski pants that can fit over your boots and protect your skin from wind and snow. You will need both waterproof gloves and sturdy goggles for protection; the former helps your fingers resist frostbite, and the latter protects your eyes from ultraviolet rays.

Selecting a Stylish and Comfortable Ski Outfit Westport

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