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A Look at Purchasing New Skis

A Look at Purchasing New Skis

Whether you’re new to skiing, have been on the same skis for years, or just tired of shelling out hundreds of dollars each season on ski rentals, you can find the perfect skis at Ski & Sport of Westport. But with so many different skis to choose from, how do you know which ones are right for you? Take a look at this quick guide for information on the top ski categories, and then visit your local ski equipment supplier for additional help narrowing down your choice. ski equipment retailer

All-Mountain Skis
Although this category can features skis ranging from slightly modified carving skis to slimmed-down powder skis, most “all-mountain” skis are generally designed for first-time buyers and recreational skiers. Your ability and skiing style, along with your preferred terrain and conditions, will help you determine whether an all-around ski is right for you.

Big-Mountain Skis
For skiers who like to tackle steep, technical terrain, big-mountain skis are designed to be rock-steady at high speed and adaptable to varying snow conditions. If you’re an expert skier looking to take your skiing to the next level, a stiff, burly big-mountain ski will make the entire mountain your winter playground.

Carving Skis
If you spend most of your time on groomed slopes perfecting high-speed arcs, carving skis may be perfect for you. With a pure focus on speed, edge grip, and precision turning, carving skis create an amazing experience on groomed hardpack slopes. The drawback is that these skis typically leave riders wanting more on less-than-perfect trails.

Freestyle Skis
Formerly known as “twin-tips,” freestyle skis are designed to make landing tricks easier. Freestyle skis also feature more symmetrical dimensions to make switch riding easier and better weight distribution for spins and rails. If you want to start exploring freestyle terrain parks, stop by Ski & Sport of Westport and get fitted for a pair of freestyle skis.