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Snow Style: Skiing Clothes and Equipment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Snow Style:Skiing Clothes and Equpment [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you are new to skiing and snowboarding or you’ve been hitting the slopes for years, it’s important to outfit yourself with the proper gear. You’ll need the right ski apparel as well as quality boots, goggles, a helmet, and skis or a snowboard. Snow sport fashion has changed a great deal over the years, as the wool and flannel ski trousers of the past have given way to technologically-advanced waterproof and breathable materials. Equipment has also evolved, with boots becoming more flexible and comfortable, offering you better control of your skis or snowboard. Take a look at this infographic from a ski store in Westport to learn more about the evolution of style in clothing and gear on the slopes. Please share with your friends and family, and start planning your next day on the slopes!