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Ski Jackets 101

Ski Jackets 101

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Your ski jacket is among the most important pieces of equipment that you will bring with you to a day at the slopes. Ski jackets are designed to provide skiers and snowboarders with protection from the elements, while also allowing breathability and comfort during high levels of exercise. When you are shopping for a new ski jacket, a ski shop near Ridgefield is sure to have a brand that is perfect for you. Your ski shop will have a variety of different types of jackets and skis for sale, so you will be able to select your idea equipment. To help you get started on shopping for a new ski jacket, here is a look at the different types of jackets.


Shells are among the most popular types of ski jackets that are seen on the slopes day. With a shell, you will be wearing a lightweight and breathable garment that will provide you with total comfort under most riding conditions. When outdoor temperatures drop, a shell will allow you to layer up, without having to put on a heavy jacket.

Insulated Jacket

For those riders who often face extreme weather conditions and very cold temperatures, insulated jackets are essential pieces of equipment. Unlike shells, which are lightweight and unlined, insulated jackets contain a layer of synthetic insulation that provides additional warmth. When you are choosing an insulated jacket, you will need to determine how much insulation you will need for your typical riding conditions. Your sales team can provide you with more information about the different insulated jackets that are available.

Technical Shells

Advanced skiers and snowboarders often choose technical shells for their backcountry adventures. Technical shells are differentiated from lightweight shells due to their advanced fabrics and extreme waterproofing. When you purchase a technical shell, you should look for features such as taped seams and Gore-Tex waterproofing. If you are planning on taking your skiing to the next level of intensity and adventure, a technical shell is an essential piece of equipment.