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  • Ski Safety Tips for Kids

    Ski Safety Tips for Kids

    Skiing is a fantastic activity for any family. When you are getting your children started in the sport of skiing , you will need to make sure that your kids feel comfortable on the slopes. One of the best ways to encourage your young skier is to visit a ski shop to stock up on all of the essentials. Your ski shop offering ski clothing near Ridgefield will be able to provide you with jackets, pants, goggles, gloves, and other apparel items. With the right ski equipment, you will be able to make happy and lasting family memories at your local ski resort. To learn more essential ski safety tips for your kids, be sure to check out this video from IntermountainMoms.

  • Getting to Know the Types of Snow You Find on the Slopes

    Getting to Know the Types of Snow You Find on the Slopes

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    The winter ski season is in full swing, and now is a great time to head to the slopes for some fun outside. In order to get the most out of your ski or snowboard session, you should make sure to visit a ski shop to obtain all of the necessary gear. By fitting yourself with the proper ski equipment, including ski pants and goggles, you are sure to have a blast when you are at the ski resort. A ski shop near Westport can provide you with gear that will prepare you for any type of outdoor conditions. To help you master the slope, here is a quick overview of some of the most common types of snow.


    Powder is highly sought-after snow by skiers and snowboarders, alike. In order to be considered powder, snow must be freshly fallen and untouched by footprints or ski tracks. Powder is desirable because it provides a very soft surface for landing in the event of a fall. Additionally, powder can help aid in turning, stopping, and other maneuvers. A fresh powder day is sure to create lasting memories.


    When powdery slopes are not available, the next best alternative is crud. Crud snow occurs after powder has been ridden by skiers and snowboarders for a few hours or more. As more and more skiers travel on the snow, they will pack down the flakes and create crud. In order to get the most out of a crud-covered slope, it is important to bend the knees and maintain momentum.


    A slushy slope is not as desirable as a beautiful, fresh powdery surface. The term slush is used to describe snow that has been exposed to warmer temperatures. When the snow melts, it will transform into water and ice. These ice molecules are much heavier than freshly fallen snow, and can pose a challenge to even the most advanced skiers.

  • Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Ski Jacket

    Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Ski Jacket

    Just like your boots or your skis themselves, your ski jacket is an essential part of your ski gear in Ridgefield . If you are shopping for your first ski jacket, you might not know exactly what to look for, and you could end up choosing one that doesn’t meet your needs. Watch this video for a few factors to consider when shopping for a ski jacket.

    Ski jackets vary in a number of different ways, but there are a few common elements to keep in mind when choosing one for your next outing. First, consider where you will be skiing. Extremely cold climates call for ski jackets with extra insulation, while warmer slopes are not so demanding. You should also think about how much you are comfortable with spending. A nice, high-quality ski jacket tends to be very versatile and applicable for a multitude of situations, but it also comes with a steeper price tag.

  • Stand Out on the Slope With These Ski Apparel Tips

    Stand Out on the Slope with these Kitten faces.

    You will be faced with endless choices when it comes to finding ski gear in Ridgefield, but there are a few important points to keep in mind when choosing the perfect additions to your getup. There will be several different layers to your ski clothing, from extra pants and jackets to helmets and ski hats. You will also want to ensure that your ski apparel keeps you safe and stylish rather than one or the other. Keep reading and stand out on the slope with these ski apparel tips.

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    Dress In Layers

    When dressing for your next ski trip, consider where your adventure will take you. Some skiing and snowboarding locations offer mild temperatures while others are harshly frigid. Versatile ski equipment that features removable pieces can be particularly helpful, but it can also get pricey. No matter what kind of gear you are working with, it is always wise to dress in layers . Make sure the layer closest to your skin does an adequate job of absorbing moisture; by keeping you dry, your inner layer will help you stay warm. When it comes to outer layers, choose a water-resistant jacket with proper ventilation to keep you cozy.

    Protect Your Head

    Getting a running start and diving into a snow bank might be your idea of fun, but it is much more dangerous when you are traveling at rapid speeds down a mountain trail. This is why it is important to wear appropriate head protection when skiing, no matter how advanced you might be. In addition to the helmet you may use to encase your head, you might also consider looking into ski goggles to cut down the glare of the snow and a thin hat to cover your ears.

    Try Before You Ride

    You probably wouldn’t wear clothes that don’t fit you, so don’t make any exceptions when it comes to ski apparel. Ill-fitting boots can cause you to lose control of your skis, while a too-big helmet could pop right off. Try out your ski apparel before you hit the slopes to make sure everything feels right.

  • Ski and Snowboard Service 101

    Your skiing and snowboarding gear near Westport will play significant roles when it comes to keeping you warm, safe, and comfortable while out on the slopes. From your snowboard and helmet to your skis and jackets, each piece of equipment will impact your experience; this is why it is essential that you keep your entire ensemble properly maintained. Fortunately, ski and snowboard shops can help you keep you gear in top condition so you can continue to ride the mountain in comfort. Continue on for a quick lesson in ski and snowboard service.

    Quality gear that is kept in top shape can allow you to make the most of your skiing or snowboarding trip; it can even help you save money because you won’t have to replace your equipment. A few of the most common ski and snowboard repairs deal with the skis and snowboards themselves, and they include binding repair, snowboard waxing, and base repair. In addition to your skis and snowboards, you must also take care of your footwear. Make sure you are wearing comfortable boots that fit you properly; boots that fit well can improve your skill as well as your physical comfort on the slopes.

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  • The Essentials of Snowboard Maintenance

    If you want to keep your snowboarding gear near Westport in top shape for as long as possible, you are going to have to provide it with the right type of maintenance. Proper maintenance will help you maneuver your snowboard with ease and prevent it from deteriorating when you are off of the slopes for a while. Three of the most important aspects of snowboard maintenance are sharpening, waxing, and finding a safe place to store your board. Continue reading if you are interested in taking a closer look at the essentials of snowboard maintenance.

    snowboard service westport


    Although skill plays an irreplaceable role in snowboarding, the quality and condition of your gear are important factors as well. When it comes to your board, you’ll want to have it sharpened whenever necessary; it can be tough to tear it up on the slopes with a dull board. Regular sharpening helps you clean off any blemishes and cosmetic issues as well as remove rust from your board. Many choose to take their snowboards into ski and snowboard shops to have them sharpened by the pros, but seasoned veterans are often able to sharpen their snowboards themselves.


    Those who have just started snowboarding may not know what to do with wax, but hobbyists and professionals are intimately familiar with the process of waxing their snowboards. You won’t want too much friction when you go out for a session, and wax can help to keep you gliding smoothly. Pick up some wax from your local ski and snowboard shop and iron the wax until it drips onto your board. You can remove any lumps and excess wax buildup as you smooth it out across the surface of your snowboard. It is a good idea to wax your snowboard regularly, after every three trips or so.


    While sharpening and waxing are both hands-on maintenance requirements, some aspects of snowboard maintenance are more passive. After you have cleaned off your board and began the trek home, remember to refrain from storing it on a cement surface. You should also support it if you choose to hang it up.

  • Picking Out Your Ski Clothing

    Picking Out YOur Ski Clothing

    Whether you purchase or rent your ski clothing in Ridgefield , you should make sure that you’re picking out the best ski clothing for your needs. Your ski boots, ski jacket, and snow pants should be comfortable, warm, durable, and should offer a wide range of motion. Your ski boots in particular must fit you perfectly in order to protect you from injury and ensure that you remain safe and comfortable while skiing.

    Watch this video for some great tips on how to pick out the right ski clothing at your local ski shop. Ski shop owner Will Hurley gives his advice on the most important features for ski jackets, snow pants, ski boots, and other ski gear.

  • Should You Rent or Purchase Your Ski Equipment?

    Should You Rent or Purchase Your Ski Equipment?

    Before you embark on your ski vacation, you need to determine whether you want to purchase your ski gear, or opt for ski rentals in Ridgefield. Each option has its pros and cons, and the choice often comes down to what you feel most comfortable with personally and financially. Here is a guide to figuring out whether buying or renting ski gear from a ski shop is the right choice for you.

    ski rental ridgefield

    Benefits of Ski Rentals

    If you’re a beginning or intermediate skier, a ski rental is the best choice for you. When you rent ski gear, you spend less money for newer and better equipment. You also can try out different brands and types of ski gear to figure out which one you like best. Because skis are available in different lengths, you’ll need to actually ski on different skis to determine which length works best for your skill level. You can also upgrade your ski rental every year as you become a more skillful skier.

    Benefits of Purchasing Ski Gear at a Ski Shop

    There are certain situations in which you should purchase ski gear at a ski shop. For instance, it is much better to purchase ski boots than rent them. If your boots are too small or uncomfortable, you risk injury, and won’t feel like skiing at all. Ski boots are durable and have a long lifespan, so purchasing a high quality pair is a worthwhile investment. You can also take your ski boots back to the ski shop for adjustments as needed. Many people find that they would also rather buy ski goggles and a ski helmet than purchase them.

    How to Choose the Best Option for You

    High quality ski gear lasts for about 10 weeks of use, so if you’re not going to go skiing often enough to justify the purchase, you’re better off saving your money and choosing ski rentals. If you ski often, or would feel safer using new equipment than renting ski gear, you should purchase gear from a ski shop.

  • Reasons to Plan Your Winter Getaway with Ski and Sport of Westport

    Reasons to Plan Your Winter Getaway with Ski and Sport of Westport

    At Ski and Sport of Westport, we offer a variety of ski services that will make your ski vacation more convenient and enjoyable. Our ski shop in Westport has been family owned and operated for over 30 years, and we’re proud to provide amazing customer service to each and every customer. Our commitment to quality and detail in everything we do makes us the best ski shop in the area.

    We offer high-quality ski gear and ski rentals, as well as affordable ski clothing and skis for sale. Our incredibly knowledgeable staff can assist you in picking out the best ski gear for your level, budget, and needs. We also offer personal shopping services for those who want to have their ski gear ready for them when they arrive.

    Our qualified ski shop technicians can perform ski gear repairs to ensure your safety and comfort on the slopes. We also provide ski boot and ski clothing customization. Our staff offers customized shell stretching for ski jackets and ski boot modifications that will make your boots the most comfortable ones that you’ve ever worn.

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  • Tips for Choosing a Ski Jacket

    Tips for Choosing a Ski Jacket

    When you begin looking for a ski jacket near Westport , you’ll quickly discover that you have hundreds of options to choose from. There are a few key qualities that you should look for in order to ensure that you find the best ski clothing for your needs. Here are some great tips for choosing the perfect ski jacket at a ski shop near you.

    ski apparel westport

    Understand What Types of Ski Jackets are Available

    Ski jackets are available in five different major styles: shell, insulated, technical, softshell, and three-in-one. Shell ski jackets are incredibly popular due to their versatility. They are waterproof, breathable, and typically constructed to allow for layering underneath the jacket. Insulated jackets have a light outer shell and a thick layer of built-in insulation. If you’re skiing in very cold conditions, an insulated ski jacket is a must. Technical shell ski jackets are lightweight, breathable, and minimalistic. They rarely have extra features. Softshell ski jackets are made of soft, stretch fabric, and are less water resistant and have fewer features than hardshell jackets. Three-in-one jackets have an outer shell with a removable inner insulation.

    Investigate Each Jacket’s Features

    The features that each ski jacket offers will vary considerably from jacket to jacket. Common features include venting, pockets, a hood, a powder skirt, cuffs, waterproof zippers, and a lining. Some ski jackets have a RECCO reflector sewn into the jacket. A RECCO reflector works with the RECCO transponders used by ski resorts and search and rescue operations.

    Determine What Fit You Want Your Ski Jacket to Have

    Much like other ski clothing, ski jackets are available in several different fits. You want a jacket that is comfortable and flattering, but that also provides a wide range of motion. Trim fit ski jackets fit close to the body and are tighter and more restrictive than other styles. Athletic fit jackets are slightly wider and more flexible than trim fit, but are still relatively snug. Expedition fit and relaxed fit jackets provide better range of motion and allow more room for layering under the jacket.